Some Chlorophyll present layers had wrong URLs. These have been fixed. A test was added to check the HTTP status of each layer URL.

get_sysdata has been deprecated: sysdata.rda comes now uniquely from the package and is not downloaded from

Behrmann equal areas projection is now created on the fly from the original WGS84 layer Bio-Oracle layers are downloaded from instead of sdmpredictors downloads layers now from specific URLs instead of relying on and the layer_code

Add bio-oracle v2.1

Decrease test duration

Add freshwater data

Introduce dataset versions, fix citations

Fix authors

New datasets (ENVIREM, WorldClim paleo and future) Added functions related to correlations

Remove usage of ~/R/sdmpredictors from tests

Fix url in description

Fix urls in description and readme

Datadir is mandatory now, instead of automatically writing to ~/R/sdmpredictors.

Initial release of the sdmpredictors package.